What my clients are saying:

"For the first 40 years of my life I suffered with horrendous symptoms of hayfever – including years when it would run me down so much that it could take me six months to get back to feeling well again. Having worked with Gemma to support my allergies and intolerances I have been through two pollen seasons pretty much symptom free. 

I’ve gone from non-stop sneezing, nose running and burning, congestion, headaches, brain fog, very poor sleep, night sweats, anxiety and no energy during the hayfever season to the odd tickle in my nose, a tiny bit of eye irritation on a few days and the odd sneeze and need to blow my nose here and there.

I know that hayfever is still an issue for me but I also know that it’s completely under control and in the background due to managing my histamine levels via my food and also continuing with some of the recommended supplements. Outside of the hayfever season am more flexible with my diet but I’m still mindful of not overdoing the amount of high histamine foods in one day and am also slowly working out some other dietary triggers. I know that I have to be well rested and feeling well to cope with certain foods.

Being mindful of histamine levels throughout the rest of the year seems to be having a positive impact on anxiety levels and my mental health in general and I can now see that any symptoms in relation to this were triggered by high histamine levels. It sounds like a cliche but it was completely life changing for me to have the help, accountability and expertise from Gemma to get to the bottom of this."


New Haw

"I had been experiencing symptoms of histamine intolerance for more than a year, including regular flushing, migraines, and brain fog. I'd also had a more acute attack, developing hives and swollen lips. I was prescribed an epi-pen by my GP and told that I seemed to be handling it well, and that was the end of it. However, I was 'handling' it through a very restrictive elimination diet. I couldn't go out to eat, was concerned I would develop nutritional deficiencies and had no idea how to transition back into a more balanced way of eating without developing symptoms again (I'd already tried and failed once). I knew I needed someone with more expertise than me to support me in getting to the bottom of what was happening and helping me overcome the symptoms. I did some research and found Gemma!

Since working with Gemma, I feel really confident in my ability to control my symptoms without resorting to a restrictive diet. I have a really good understanding of histamine intolerance and can sense when my histamine 'bucket' is filling up and I need to be more moderate in what I'm eating. However, while on the nutritional and supplement protocol Gemma recommended, I hardly ever need to do this. Also, because I had blood and genetic tests, Gemma was able to pinpoint exactly which deficiencies were contributing to my symptoms and recommend what to eat to improve them. The result is that I feel much more energised, which had been a happy bonus.

If I was recommending Gemma, I'd probably lead with 'this woman is the real deal!' I have a decent amount of nutritional knowledge but Gemma's understanding of the science behind my intolerance was phenomenal. She is obviously incredibly experienced with histamine intolerance and has helped me to resolve my symptoms."



"I was intrigued to experience TRE with Gemma. I understand how important nervous system regulation is to our health, and I wanted to find out more about the discipline under Gemma's expert eye.

Gemma guided me through a selection of exercises with care and skill. It was a really interesting process which required me to listen to my body and respond to its cues. I learned a lot and I will continue to follow Gemma's guidance. Highly recommended!'


"I came to Gemma, as I felt that my health issues meant I wasn't living my best life and I believed that things could be made better with more informed nutrition. I had tried doing this on my own, but had got myself into a muddle. My main health concerns were a blocked Eustachian tube and sleep deprivation, neither of which I felt the medical profession could satisfactorily help me with. I was also struggling with Crohn's, but I felt this was within the medical sphere and could be dealt with using drugs.

Having had eight consultations with Gemma over a period of 14 months, I feel on top of the world and far more optimistic for the future. I haven't had a blocked Eustachian tube for over three months, which means I am now enjoying exercise a lot more. Hopefully, it won't return as I am no longer exposed to the initial trigger, but if it does, I have ways to deal with this.

My sleep has improved immensely and although I don't doubt I will have future bad nights, I am optimistic that this will no longer be the norm. Good sleep makes a huge difference to my life as it means that I don't have to struggle through tired days, and I feel it reduces my risk of cognitive decline.

Gemma is an expert in gut and immune health, who is dedicated to offering a great service. She offers an alternative, more natural route towards improving health and I think I have got fantastic value for money. She has enhanced my quality of life, and I am chuffed to bits with the outcome."



"I started working with Gemma as I was struggling to manage the symptoms of a long-standing, auto-immune condition and wanted to try a more holistic approach. Most of all, I was desperate to feel better!


The sessions with Gemma have been incredibly helpful in so many ways. Gemma is not only professional and hugely knowledgeable but also very calm and empathetic, so I felt at ease from the start. The testing and analysis was very worthwhile as it gave us a starting point to work from, but the ability to talk through the technical details with Gemma so she could recommend appropriate solutions was invaluable. I have learnt so much!


The fact that all the information is contained on a secure portal is also brilliant as I can, and do, refer back to it frequently. Best of all, the results I achieved in such a short space of time, in terms of easing of symptoms and then a reduction in prescribed medication were simply incredible. 


Having worked with Gemma, I feel like a different person. Before, I felt frustrated and powerless with regards to my condition, and was in a cycle of flares and periods of remission, which were out of my control and impacting many areas of my life. I had already read up a lot about my condition but often the information was confusing and/or contradictory. Gemma was able to cut through all the detail and suggest practical solutions which were tailored to me.


Whilst the condition is still there, I now feel I have more knowledge and tools to manage it and to support my general health. As a result, not only has my physical health improved but my mindset has completely shifted.


If you are in a similar situation to me, and are considering whether to work with Gemma I would say  ‘Do it!’ Working with Gemma will give you huge support plus empowerment to take back control of your health and wellbeing"



"I had a series of two consultations with Gemma about my migraines, of which I had about five a month. After listening to my story, Gemma suggested that I cut out dairy and try a supplement that had evidence to support its use in this area.

I am a nutritional therapy student, so I know about the power of nutrition, but I was honestly astounded just what a difference it has made. I cut out dairy completely after our conversation and started taking the supplements. I think I had one or two more migraines that month and then… nothing. For the first time in over ten years, I went more than a few weeks without any migraine attacks. The few that I have had in the last eight months have been mild. To say to this has been lifechanging is an understatement. 

I have since been experimenting a bit to find my dairy tolerance levels and am happy to say I can have a piece of halloumi with no consequences."



"I sought help from Gemma after becoming ill with suspected COVID-19 and not recovering as I thought I would as a 'healthy' woman in my early 40's. For months after being ill from the virus I continued to have debilitating fatigue, stomach pain and bloating, heart palpitations, and I was unable to do much at all (most of my day was in bed or on the sofa). I had medical tests which were all 'normal' and my GP had little to offer me.


My illness and health problems have felt very overwhelming at times. But Gemma is brilliant at thinking about mind and body, explaining what could be happening to me in ways I can easily understand, and helping make a plan and deciding where to start. Every time I speak to her I feel back in control of myself. I also have hope again!


Gemma has encouraged me to continue GP contact and she works alongside the medical advice and tests. She has been able to help me understand blood test results. I have also been able to have other tests through Gemma which have revealed ways I can help my recovery which I would not have known about otherwise.


My recovery is going to take time, but thanks to the changes I've made to my diet and lifestyle with Gemma's help, I now have relief of many symptoms (some I've actually lived with for many years and didn't know I could do much about, like gut problems, brain fog and PMS).


I know I would not have made the progress I have without Gemma's caring guidance and expertise. Her knowledge of biochemistry and nutritional therapy have been invaluable to my recovery. Thanks Gemma!"



"I came to Gemma with chronic fatigue and food allergies, looking for help to eat the right things and to heal. Gemma is great at listening and being present to how I'm feeling, and very clever at sorting out what needs to happen first. I feel much more optimistic about sorting these issues out, because it's quite complex. I feel that already my gut is beginning to heal. I would 100% recommend Gemma for anyone struggling with their health."



"I came to Gemma as I was struggling with heartburn and feeling lonely and confused dealing with it on my own. Our work together has helped me to think a lot more about my needs food-wise and my eating behaviours. Implicit in the work was a message that it is 'right' and not indulgent to take care of myself. I would, and have, recommended Gemma as a knowledgeable practitioner who keeps the whole person in mind."