What my clients are saying:

"I sought help from Gemma after becoming ill with suspected COVID-19 and not recovering as I thought I would as a 'healthy' woman in my early 40's. For months after being ill from the virus I continued to have debilitating fatigue, stomach pain and bloating, heart palpitations, and I was unable to do much at all (most of my day was in bed or on the sofa). I had medical tests which were all 'normal' and my GP had little to offer me.


My illness and health problems have felt very overwhelming at times. But Gemma is brilliant at thinking about mind and body, explaining what could be happening to me in ways I can easily understand, and helping make a plan and deciding where to start. Every time I speak to her I feel back in control of myself. I also have hope again!


Gemma has encouraged me to continue GP contact and she works alongside the medical advice and tests. She has been able to help me understand blood test results. I have also been able to have other tests through Gemma which have revealed ways I can help my recovery which I would not have known about otherwise.


My recovery is going to take time, but thanks to the changes I've made to my diet and lifestyle with Gemma's help, I now have relief of many symptoms (some I've actually lived with for many years and didn't know I could do much about, like gut problems, brain fog and PMS).


I know I would not have made the progress I have without Gemma's caring guidance and expertise. Her knowledge of biochemistry and nutritional therapy have been invaluable to my recovery. Thanks Gemma!"



"I came to Gemma with chronic fatigue and food allergies, looking for help to eat the right things and to heal. Gemma is great at listening and being present to how I'm feeling, and very clever at sorting out what needs to happen first. I feel much more optimistic about sorting these issues out, because it's quite complex. I feel that already my gut is beginning to heal. I would 100% recommend Gemma for anyone struggling with their health."



"I came to Gemma as I was struggling with heartburn and feeling lonely and confused dealing with it on my own. Our work together has helped me to think a lot more about my needs food-wise and my eating behaviours. Implicit in the work was a message that it is 'right' and not indulgent to take care of myself. I would, and have, recommended Gemma as a knowledgeable practitioner who keeps the whole person in mind."




"It was a pleasure to work with Gemma. I was diagnosed with IBS 20 years ago so I've tried a lot of different things but with limited success. Gemma gave me some good advice and suggestions which have really helped me."



Gemma took the time to hear my whole health history, and explained how different issues I was experiencing could be connected. She helped me have confidence to make some changes to my eating patterns that I had been considering for a while, and gave me some information on food choices that could help my hormonal function.

B. Bailey