I invite you to learn Tension and Trauma Release Exercises with me if:

You feel overwhelmed with all the things you have going on in your life at times

You are aware that you are holding a lot of tension in your body

You believe that your health challenges may have been triggered by a particularly overwhelming event

You would like to feel calmer, and less reactive to small triggers

You are interested in exploring a body-based approach to reducing tension and improving stress resilience

My aim is to safely guide you through the practice of TRE®, and release held tension at a pace that your body can cope with. Trauma is ubiquitous - we all encounter things that overwhelm us from time to time - but we are designed to endure and survive. Rediscovering our innate ability to shake off stress can help bring our bodies back into a state of balance.

How it works

TRE® is an approach developed by David Berceli, PhD to help connect you to the natural tremor mechanism of the body. Allowing these involuntary movements to occur, can change patterns of tension – many of which have been there for a long time – and so alter the information being sent from the body up to the brain.

Stressful and overwhelming situations can affect the way that we are holding our body, and tension patterns can indicate to our brain that we are still in a situation that is unsafe. You can get a sense of this when you feel into the different emotions that come up if you clench your fists, tense your face and curl up, versus sitting in a relaxed position, with your shoulders away from your ears and a gentle smile on your face.

Giving our body an opportunity to unwind these patterns, at its own pace, can help to turn down the dial on the alarm system in the brain - as there are fewer sensory inputs to the limbic system that your body is under threat.

Animals tend to shake naturally after a period of stress or arousal - and then get back on with their lives as if nothing has happened! Dr Berceli's work in war zones showed him that children were also more likely to do this, but adults often stopped themselves from shaking, even if they felt an urge to do so.

Rediscovering the lost art of shaking off stress can be hugely empowering, and can be a great way of letting things go - without having to talk.


What I offer

Individual sessions, both online and in person, to introduce you to the practice or help you deepen your existing practice

Small group sessions, both online and in person, to help you create a regular TRE practice, and connect to others

Each session includes grounding practices, and TRE(R) with a focus on self-regulation.

I have a particular interest in supporting the following groups of people:

Those with chronic illness


Healthcare workers, complementary therapists and healers

What can I expect?

Each TRE® class is different, as it is led by your body. At the start I will invite you to settle into the space that you are in, and check in with your body to see how it feels.

I will take you through the exercises as needed, and demonstrate how to start and stop the tremors. I will then guide you through the practice, helping you to be aware of your sensations, your groundedness and your comfortable limits.

We think of tremors as any unconsious movements: these could be big muscular movements, tiny vibrations or stomach gurgling and yawning.

At the end, we will take time to let everything settle, and then check in again.

Reported benefits include reduced perceived stress, improved emotional resilience, better sleep, less relationship conflict, and improved body image and awareness.

Though there is not much published quantitative evidence yet, small studies in those with multiple sclerosis and non-professional caregivers showed TRE® could significantly improve quality of life measures, including fatigue, stress and sleep.

For more information about TRE®, you can watch my webinar or visit https://traumaprevention.com

Arrange a free discovery call to find out how TRE® could help you, or book a group class


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