This package is for you, if you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition of the digestive tract, for example coeliac disease, Crohn's or colitis.

You may be wishing to reduce your risk of further autoimmunity or other complications.

You may feel that there is more that you could be doing to support your body, beyond the medications and the dietary changes that you have already put in place, and would like some guidance as to the best approach.

Perhaps you are hoping to identify triggers, so that you can reduce the risk or severity of flares in the future.

You may be anxious that you aren’t getting the nutrients you need, because of the disruption your condition has done to your digestion and absorption.

You might feel that you are reacting to certain foods, but aren’t sure exactly which ones or what best to do about it.

You might have heard about the importance of gut bacteria in autoimmunity, and would like to look into this further.

You are looking for support from a holistic practitioner who is happy to work alongside your hospital team.

My aim is to help you to understand which underlying factors could be contributing to your symptoms, and work with you to create a personalised diet and lifestyle plan to address these – so that you start to feel better in yourself.

Rather than solely tackling symptoms, however, my approach a holistic one – aiming to identify and address underlying imbalances that are contributing to your autoimmunity using my framework for immune harmony as a guide. This considers all the body systems, your environment, and your thoughts and emotions. At the same time, we will work to support your nutrient status, and your digestive function.

The programme includes a blood spot vitamin D test, as vitamin D plays a huge role in immune function and gut barrier health; and a functional test to examine your digestive function, the presence of any inflammation or infection in your digestive tract, and the population of gut bacteria, which can influence digestive and immune health.

In order to get greater insight into what factors are playing a role, so our programme can focus on the things that will make the biggest difference to your wellbeing, I may also recommend further functional tests.

What is included

An initial 90-minute in-depth functional medicine and lifestyle assessment looking at your health up until this point, your diet and your lifestyle. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire and keep a food diary for a few days prior to this session.

Two to three hours of online follow up sessions to be taken over 2-4 months. These can be taken in 30 or 60 minute increments.

Check in calls in between appointments to answer any questions you may have and help keep you on track

Email support in between consultations

10% discount on many supplements

Finger-prick vitamin D test.

Comprehensive test (stool) for digestive function, inflammation and gut bacteria and other microorganisms, as gut health is often compromised in those with gut autoimmunity (Optional).

Liaison with your GP or hospital team as required

What I need from you

Before we start, you must understand that there is no cure for IBD or coeliac disease. Autoimmunity is something that you will be living with forever, and flares of your symptoms are likely to occur.

Nutritional therapy can help to address underlying imbalances that are contributing to your symptoms however: supporting your immune system – for example helping to reduce inflammation, and improve immune tolerance; and your digestive system – supporting gut healing, digestion and nutrient absorption, for starters, as well as identifying foods and other factors that could be exacerbating your symptoms.

This is a journey – not a race. If you have been living with gut autoimmunity for a long while, particularly if it took a long time for diagnosis – it will take time for your body to get over the damage, and the consequences of that damage. In some cases, permanent removal of a particular food is necessary or advisable. However, if this is the case, I have a wealth of personal experience in following restricted diets – which don’t feel restrictive!

Many times, the initial resolution of symptoms can require following a modified diet for a period of time. However, even modified diets can be varied and tasty! The long term aim however is to use this period to work on supporting the underlying imbalances that are contributing to your symptoms, so that in due course you can broaden your diet again.

If you are ready to put your health first, book in a 15 minute discovery call with me today.

What my clients are saying:

"Having worked with Gemma I feel like a different person. Before, I felt frustrated and powerless with regards to my long-standing autoimmune condition. I was in a cycle of flares and remission, which were out of my control and impacting many areas of my life.


Whilst the condition is still there, I now have more knowledge and tools to manage it and to support my general health. As a result, not only has my physical health improved but my mindset has completely shifted."



"If you are considering whether to work with Gemma I would say ‘Do it!' The results I achieved in a short space of time, in terms of easing of symptoms and then a reduction in prescribed medication were simply incredible.


Working with Gemma will give you huge support plus empowerment to take back control of your health and wellbeing."