This package is for you if you are struggling to eat your normal diet without experiencing symptoms.

You may or may not have ideas about which foods you are reacting to, but either way, you aren’t quite sure what to do about it.

You might think that there is a link between what you are eating and your digestive discomfort, your stuffy nose, or your skin complaints, for example, but you aren’t sure if you are imagining it or not.

It may seem that sometimes a particular food causes you issues, and other times it doesn’t.

You are looking for a holistic practitioner who is willing to look further than just taking out foods long term.

My aim is to provide you with clarity about what is going on and a personalised plan of action so that you can move towards regaining the joy of eating a varied and delicious diet without worrying about the consequences.

How it works

We will work together to help identify what you are reacting to and why. This might include functional tests to get greater insight into what factors are playing a role, so the programme can focus on the things that will make the biggest difference to your wellbeing.

Instead of just eliminating ‘problem’ foods – which leaves the door open to other foods in turn becoming ‘problems’, or may create more imbalances long term – my approach is to tackle the underlying reasons for the food reactivity using my framework for food harmony as a guide.

What is included

An initial 90-minute in-depth functional medicine and lifestyle assessment looking at your health up until this point, your diet and your lifestyle. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire and keep a food diary for a few days prior to this session.

Two to four hour-long follow up sessions to be taken over 3-6 months.

Check in calls in between appointments to answer any questions you may have and help keep you on track

Email support in between consultations (up to 40 minutes)

10% discount on many supplements

Finger prick vitamin D test

Advice on testing and interpretation of results

Liaison with your GP or hospital team as required

What I need from you

Before we start, you must understand that working to reduce reactivity to food takes time. This is a journey – not a race. In some cases, permanent removal of a particular food is necessary or advisable. However, if this is the case, I have a wealth of personal experience in following modified diets – which don’t feel restrictive!

Many times, the initial resolution of symptoms, or the identification of reactive foods, can require following a therapeutic diet for a period of time. However, even these diets can be varied and tasty! The long term aim however is to use this period to work on supporting the underlying imbalances that are contributing to your reactivity, so that in due course you can broaden your diet again.

As I may recommend dietary supplements, I need you to keep me up to date with any prescription or over the counter medication you may be taking. This ensures that any dietary supplements I suggest will not interfere with your existing treatments.

Most importantly, however, I would like you to be open to my suggestions – even tiny things can make huge differences – as well as being honest with me. There is no point, when we are discussing what steps to take to support your wellbeing – if you nod and smile while all the time thinking ‘There’s no way I am going to do that’. Your input at this stage is critical – the plan needs to work for you, in real life.

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What my clients are saying:

I came to Gemma with chronic fatigue and food allergies, looking for help to eat the right things and to heal. Gemma is great at listening and being present to how I'm feeling, and very clever at sorting out what needs to happen first.

I feel much more optimistic about sorting these issues out, because it's quite complex. I feel that already my gut is beginning to heal. I would 100% recommend Gemma for anyone struggling with their health.



I had a series of two consultations with Gemma about my migraines, of which I had about five a month. After listening to my story, Gemma suggested that I cut out dairy and try a supplement that had evidence to support its use in this area. I was honestly astounded just what a difference it has made. For the first time in over ten years, I went more than a few months without any migraine attacks. The few that I have had in the last eight months have been mild.