Get insights into your genetic blueprint – and how you can support your unique biochemistry through nutrition and lifestyle approaches.

Your DNA provides the instructions to your body on how to make all the proteins it needs to function. The jobs these proteins have range from absorbing or utilising nutrients, producing or breaking down histamine, hormones and neurotransmitters, generating energy, tackling infections, detoxifying chemicals – and much more!

Common variations in our genetic code called SNPs (pronounced snips) can lead to small but significant changes to the shape of the protein produced – and this can affect how well that protein can do its job. By looking at your individual DNA code, we can see which processes you may find more tricky to carry out efficiently – as well as which processes are more robust.

The information can lead to insights into potential health risks, your symptoms and your behaviours. Most importantly however it can support positive action.

Your genetic code remains the same throughout life, but how you behave, what you eat and what you experience can influence how these genes are expressed. We often say 'the genes load the gun but the environment pulls the trigger'. Not only that but many of the proteins created need specific vitamins or minerals to function optimally. Ultimately this means that regardless of your genetics your body may not be working optimally if it doesn't have the right resources.

By coupling the information about your unique genetic make-up with an understanding your health history, daily routine and current symptoms we can work together to identify diet and lifestyle habits that will support your body to move towards greater health and wellbeing.

A variety of reports are available depending on your  symptoms and goals - and you can book in for a 15 minute discovery call to discuss the most helpful reports for you at this time.


LifecodeGx testing helps you understand how environmental factors such as food, infections, stress and toxic load can interact with your genetics to influence your wellbeing.

The tests

LifecodeGx are leaders in nutrigenomics testing. All the genes that they report on are highly researched, the variants are functionally relevant - so they are known to affect the activity of biochemical pathways, and they can be influenced by nutrition and lifestyle factors. Moreover, the company is committed to maintaining the highest level of privacy for your data. You can be confident that your DNA and data is securely stored and protected and will be shared with no one but your authorised practitioner and LifeCode Gx senior staff for the purposes of data interpretation. Results will be ready around two weeks after the sample has been received by the laboratory.

The tests that I recommend most often are:

Nutrient core : This is a broad spectrum test looking at risk for food tolerance (and intolerance), blood sugar balance, vitamin and mineral needs, susceptibility to inflammation and infection and touching on detoxification ability and appetite control.

Methylation : This is probably my favourite report as methylation is fundamental to so many processes in the body. As well as being critical for reducing histamine load in the body, the addition of methyl groups is needed to make melatonin (our sleep hormone), and detoxify oestrogens. Reduced or excessive methylation can also affect our risk of heart disease, mood and psychiatric disorders and cancer. This report looks at genes involved in five interlinked biochemical pathways: the folate and methione cycles, transsulphuration, and neurotransmitter and urea production - and can help highlight an individual’s need for B vitamins, choline, betaine, zinc, magnesium as well as where inhibitors such as mould or heavy metals could be impacting function.

Histamine intolerance : This report focuses on the genes involved in histamine breakdown, to identify any biochemical weak spots. High histamine can present with a wide range of symptoms, owing to its numerous functions, from reflux, to allergy-type symptoms, from insomnia to palpitations. I would advise that this report is always coupled with the methylation report for a fuller picture.

Detoxification : Many substances, both from the environment and produced by the body, can have detrimental effects on our system if they hang around too long. Histamine, hormones, neurotransmitters, salicylates, caffeine, medicines and mould toxins all pass through the liver on their way out of the body. This report gives key insights into the genes involved in detoxification in the liver as well as those involved in producing antioxidants to protect against damage caused by high toxic loads.

Nervous system : The nervous system helps us to understand and respond to our environment – both internal and external. Neurotransmitters influence our mood, behaviours, sleep, stress responses, ability to relax or focus as well as many physiological processes including gut motility, immunity, pain and circulation. This report looks at genes that impact the production and function of our neurotransmitters including serotonin and melatonin, dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline, glutamate and GABA, and the endocannabinoids.

Hormones : If you feel that your sex or stress hormones are contributing to your ongoing symptoms then this report can highlight how well you make – and break down – progesterone, oestrogen, testosterone, DHEA and cortisol. This may be particularly interesting if you feel your symptoms worsen around ovulation or your period, or as you are nearing menopause.

Metabolics : This is a really comprehensive report focusing on your unique metabolic capability – which feeds into energy regulation, longevity and healthspan. It provides insights into the genes involved in appetite regulation, energy production, inflammation, fat and sugar metabolism, and cholesterol production (needed for bile and steroid hormone manufacture).

What is included

The DNA test kit: The test is a simple, non-invasive mouth swab, and the only requirement is to abstain from eating or drinking for at least one hour prior to the test.

One or more LifecodeGx nutrigenomics reports

A one to one consultation to discuss your results and answer any questions you may have

An action plan outlining nutrition and lifestyle measures that you could implement to support your current symptoms in light of your genetic results

Packages and pricing

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Build your own DNA testing package – from £385

Pick one or more reports from the Lifecode GX offering (details above). If you would like to discuss which report(s) are most suitable for your situation then please book a discovery call and we can talk it through.

Each additional report (with additional 15 minutes of consultation time) - £180

The multiple symptoms of histamine intolerance

Histamine intolerance DNA package - from £565

If you are experiencing symptoms of histamine intolerance and are interested in understanding if there may be genetic factors contributing to this, I would at a minimum recommend both the histamine intolerance report and the methylation report – as methylation is a key process required for the breakdown of histamine. Depending on your other symptoms and history you may also find it useful to add on a number of other reports to gain further insights. This package includes a 45 minute online consultation.

Each additional report (with additional 15 minutes of consultation time) - £180

5 letter blank and wood block stacked up.

Premium DNA Health Package - £995

The most comprehensive package that includes five LifecodeGx reports of your choosing and 120 minutes of consultation time (may be best taken over two consultations

Each additional report (with additional 15 minutes of consultation time) - £180

If you are interested to find out more about your genetic individuality - and how that could be impacting your health then contact me to discuss next steps.


What my clients are saying:

"Having worked with Gemma I feel like a different person. Before, I felt frustrated and powerless with regards to my long-standing autoimmune condition. I was in a cycle of flares and remission, which were out of my control and impacting many areas of my life.


Whilst the condition is still there, I now have more knowledge and tools to manage it and to support my general health. As a result, not only has my physical health improved but my mindset has completely shifted."



"If you are considering whether to work with Gemma I would say ‘Do it!' The results I achieved in a short space of time, in terms of easing of symptoms and then a reduction in prescribed medication were simply incredible.


Working with Gemma will give you huge support plus empowerment to take back control of your health and wellbeing."