Shine a light on behavioural patterns that could be holding you back and gently pivot towards self-nurturing, acceptance and movement towards your goals.

How would you describe yourself to others? A mother or father, a rebel, a people pleaser, an empath, a leader, a teacher, a romantic, a perfectionist, a survivor?

We can immediately imagine these archetypal characters –their strengths, their struggles; their emotions, their behaviours.

When we are faced with issues in our lives – perhaps with our health, our work or our relationships – it can be helpful to understand how our own archetypal patterns of behaviour may be contributing to keeping us from moving forward in the way that we would like.

Often these patterns are unconscious and so ingrained that we may not even realise that there may be opportunities to do things or think about things a little differently.

Many times these parts of us are trying to help us cope and keep us safe – but perhaps, in doing so, they are also hindering us from embracing the life that we long for.

My work as a coach is to explore your current circumstances or health concerns with compassion. By helping you to listen to your body’s whispers, connect with your inner wisdom and consider the stories you are telling yourself you can gain insights into why you might be struggling and what you could do to move forward with greater ease.

Together we can explore the possibilities that could arise from new ways of being, consider tools and techniques that can help you to gently shift your perspective or change your habits, and set manageable goals to help you get back in the driving seat.


Initial 90-minute coaching session with optional energetic reading and written summary - £95

60 minute follow up coaching sessions with written summary - £70


If you would like to find out more, then you can book in a 15 minute discovery call with me today.

What my clients are saying:

Before you even begin, Gemma puts you at ease and you feel confident you are in good hands. From the very first session through to conclusion, anything you say or feel is taken seriously, no matter how small, large or seemingly unrelated. 

With Gemma's calming guidance, the process allows you to work through any issues you feel you have, with compassion and understanding.



Her interpretation of why you may be experiencing certain symptoms or feelings bring a deeper understanding for your physical and emotional wellbeing, with explanations that you may not have considered and can work with further.

I highly recommend these sessions to anyone who is open to delving deeper than the average "sticking plaster" approach.  



Gemma has a lovely calming manner which immediately put me at ease. I am someone who has too much going on at the same time and this can create things not being finished and then feeling exhausted. The session with Gemma was really helpful at finding where my ‘leaky bucket’ is. 



Gemma helped to identify where my energy flow was going and where I can be more productive with less output PLUS this being a bonus of more time for rest and therefore looking after my health. 

At the end of the session I had a plan and a purpose which I’ve already been putting into place.