"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise… we would have found the safest way to health"


By using my Framework for Immune Harmony as a guide, my aim is to identify and address the underlying imbalances that are contributing to your autoimmunity, food reactivity or histamine intolerance.

Though restrictive diets can sometimes be useful to help relieve symptoms initially, and for some people it may be necessary or advisable to remove certain foods long term, I believe that the best diet is a varied, delicious one – with as few restrictions as possible.

I know how difficult cutting out foods makes it to eat out with friends, or in restaurants – so I will not suggest long term restrictions lightly, and by healing your body, I hope that the range of foods that you can tolerate will increase.

As a nutritional therapist, and functional medicine practitioner I understand the body as being made up of interdependent systems, which work together to keep us in good health. These are influenced by our diet, our environment, our mood and emotions, and our lifestyle – all of which interact with our genetic make-up.

How I work

If something goes wrong with one system in your body – such as your digestion – this can have a knock on effect on many others: your mood; immune system or energy, for example. To move towards optimal health, it is important to look holistically at all the elements - function, food, environment, emotions and genetics - and see whether changes can be made to improve how the system is working.

Reviewing your completed health questionnaire and food diary, and hearing your unique health story from the beginning, means I can piece together which systems in your body need support. I may also recommend functional testing from leading private providers to further clarify what is going on beneath the surface, and help me to tailor my advice, so that you can feel better sooner.

We can then work together to devise an evidence-informed, personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan that will not only help your body start to function better but also fit with your day-to-day routine and personal circumstances. This plan will be developed at each appointment.

Changing habits can take time, and I will encourage and guide you on this journey, helping you take small achievable steps towards reaching your health goal.

One to one nutritional therapy consultations

I created my Framework for Immune Harmony to show the process by which I feel healing is most likely to occur.

Framework for immune harmony



To my mind the first step is to connect with your body. You need to know how your body is reacting to different situations and inputs – so you need to start listening. Your symptoms are clues to what is going on inside.

Connect also to the outside world – to nature, its rhythms – and to other people. Connect to your purpose and connect to your food – eat mindfully and take ownership over what you eat.



Your digestion must be working well in order to absorb all the nutrients you need for optimal function of your immune system, and other body systems. Without proper digestion you can increase the exposure of the immune system to reactive, incompletely digested food proteins, and will struggle to maintain a balanced population of gut bacteria.



Nourish your body and your gut microbes with abundant, diverse, wholesome food. Keep hydrated with filtered water and ensure you are breathing clean air. Are your relationships, your work, your hobbies supporting you? Is your circulation working well enough to carry oxygen and nutrients around your body.



Balance your hormones, your blood sugars, your energy. Ensure you have a balance between exercise and rest. Support detoxification so you can clear toxins efficiently, to prevent them from building up in your system. We are designed to live in balance with the microbes on and in our bodies, are you?



Remove those things that are ramping up the immune response: foods you are reacting to; toxins; mould; infections. Calm down any inappropriate inflammation in your body, as this can inhibit proper immune responses. Reduce stress, both emotional and physical, and calm down your nervous system.

Learn more

If you would like to hear me talking through this framework - and how the environment, our lifestyle and our nutrition can affect our immune system, I have created a short video which you can watch here.

If you want to find out more, book a free 15 minute discovery call today.

Nutritional therapy is not intended to replace appropriate medical care, so if you are in any doubt about your health please consult your doctor.

I work alongside your medical team, and am mentored by a pharmacist, to ensure the diet and lifestyle modifications I advise, and any supplements are safe in conjunction with any medication you are on.