"The greatest wealth is health"


In Tune Nutrition's consultation fees are straightforward and we can design a tailored package for you if you require. Laboratory tests or nutritional supplements are not included, but any costs would be discussed with you. Cancellation fees (within 48h) are 50% of the consultation fee.

One-to-one consultations (ad hoc)

Initial consultation 75 mins £95

Follow up consultations 50 mins £65

Coaching call up to 30 mins £35

Functional testing can help solve your health puzzle

Packages (all appointments to be taken within 12 weeks)

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TUNE IN £240

For those who would like to commit to understanding how changes to their diet and lifestyle could support their wellbeing

1 x initial consultation

2 x follow up consultations

1 x coaching call


TUNE UP £360

For those who have complex health needs, or would like extra support to implement changes to their routine

1 x initial consultation

3 x follow up consultations

3 x coaching calls