Functional testing is an important part of the jigsaw when working to achieve optimum health through nutritional therapy

Why test?

Using functional tests from leading private providers can provide deeper insight into how your body is functioning, and why you are experiencing the symptoms you are.

Though I am pretty intuitive when it comes to what is going on with your body, there are often lots of different underlying factors that can lead to the same symptoms. So if you really want to understand which factors are contributing to your food reactivity or histamine intolerance, or triggering your autoimmunity, then testing can help answer those questions quickly and accurately.

We can then come up with a plan to address whatever imbalances I have identified with diet, lifestyle and dietary supplements. The information the tests provides means that we can address the real contributors more quickly – helping you get results faster.

I will always explain why I think a test will be useful, along with the cost implication and what it would entail. The decision on whether or not to go ahead is always yours.

Can I ask my doctor for the test?

If the test is available via the NHS, then you are welcome to ask your GP or hospital team if they will carry it out on your behalf. However, it is worth being aware that many of the tests which are most helpful are not available on the NHS, and private tests are often more comprehensive than those that your GP can offer.

How does it work?

Tests typically involve providing one or more samples of breath, saliva, blood, urine or stool. I will order the tests on your behalf, and the kits will be sent directly through to your home address. You will then need to follow the instructions provided, and return the sample to the lab as directed.

Many tests can be done simply, at home (bringing the added benefit that you don’t have to wait for an appointment). Blood tests may involve travelling to a clinic where blood can be taken, though mobile services that visit your home are also available.

Once I have received the results back and reviewed these, we will discuss the outcome and the next step in our next consultation.

Things I may advise testing for include:

Digestive function & analysis of gut bacteria

Infections (e.g. viruses or parasites)

Food intolerance or sensitivity

Intestinal permeability

Histamine and diamine oxidase

Nutrient status

Hormones (stress, thyroid or reproductive hormones)

Metabolic markers

Toxins (e.g. chemicals, metals or mould)

Immune markers or autoimmune reactivity

How much will it cost?

Costs vary according to which tests you need, often ranging between around £150 to £600, each. Though this may seem expensive to those of us in the UK who are not used to paying for our healthcare, it is important to understand that these tests require expert laboratory analysis, and often look at a wide range of different markers within one test.

If you are working with me on a consultation only basis, the cost of each test and its interpretation will be invoiced separately.