Functional testing is an important part of the jigsaw when working to achieve optimum health

I may recommend tests, either through the GP or from leading private providers, to gain deeper insight into how your body is functioning. The results will help inform my strategy for optimising your health status, and can help you reach your goals faster.

I will always explain why I think a test will be useful, along with the cost implication and what it would entail. The decision on whether or not to go ahead is always yours.

Tests typically involve providing one or more samples of breath, saliva, blood, urine or stool. Many tests can be done simply, at home. Blood tests may involve travelling to a clinic where blood can be taken, though mobile services that visit your home are also available.

Things I may advise testing include:

Digestive function & microbiome analysis

Hormones (stress, thyroid or reproductive hormones)

Nutrient status

Metabolic markers

Food intolerance

Immune markers


Infections – e.g. viruses or parasites